Tanuja P. Ajotikar

Assistant Professor, The Sanskrit Library
Co-Director, India Programs, Department of Sanskrit, Maharishi Vedic University


Profile | Curriculum Vitae

Tanuja earned her M.Phil. in Sanskrit at Pune University and her Ph.D. in Sanskrit in the Department of Humanities and Social Sciences at IIT, Bombay with a dissertation on Sanskrit Wordnet. She is also trained as a traditional scholar of Paninian grammar having earned the degree of Abhijña at the Vedaśāstrottejakasabhā in Pune. After submitting her thesis, she worked as a Post Doctoral Research Associate in The Sanskrit Library’s project to produce a digital descriptive catalogue of the Sanskrit manuscripts at Harvard University’s Houghton Library where she was also a Visiting Scholar in Harvard’s Department of South Asian Studies. She then taught Sanskrit at Shri B. M. Kankanwadi Ayurveda Mahavidyalaya in Belgaum, Karnataka for almost two years. Currently she is working as a Co-Director (India Program) in the Department of Sanskrit at Maharshi Vedic University in Vlodrop, The Netherlands, offers on-line courses related to Vedic literature, Āyurveda and traditional Sanskrit grammar through the Sanskrit Library (sanskritlibrary.org). She, along with Prof. Peter M. Scharf, has trained Ph.D students in India to use digital technology to develop digital resources for Sanskrit. She has published more than twenty research papers and regularly presents at international conferences on Pāṇinian grammar and digital philology. She is well-versed in reading several ancient Indic scripts and has participated in critical editing projects and manuscript cataloguing.