Traditional Indian health maintenance
Essential Āyurvedic practice through its sources

Lecture Topic
1 {A}yurveda: the science of life. Understaning one's constitution as the foundation of health: prakfti and vikfti.
2 Aligning one's routines of daily living with nature to promote balance in the physiology: dinacaryA and ftucaryA.
3 Promoting balance in mind and body by settling one's awareness and bringing deep rest to the physiology through daily meditation: DyAna.
4 Bringing relaxation and flexibility to the nervous system and physiology through yoga Asanas.
5 Nourishing and balancing the physiology through daily oil massage: aByaNga
6 The importance of regular exercise: sUryanamaskAra.
7 Promoting oral health through gaRqUza.
8 Promoting nasal and respiratory health through nasya.
9 Food is medicine: balancing the physiology with suitable diet.
10 Prevention of disease through hygenic behavior.