{s}aMkziptamahABAratam: The {m}ahABArata in brief

  • US110.
  • Students read an original selection from the great Indian epic {m}ahABArata that tells the whole story in 43 verses. Each verse is accompanied by several sentences each of which paraphrases the verse or some part of it to elucidate its meaning and syntax. Translation exercises are presented in an engaging interactive just-in-time learning environment that provides immediate feedback and help.
  • Instructor: Peter M. Scharf.
  • Prerequisite: US101US102 or equivalent introduction to Sanskrit.
  • Schedule: 10 September – 12 November 2023.
  • Course meeting times: Saturday 10:30-12:30am U.S. Central Time.
  • Course fee: $1,500.
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  • Course materials: Scharf, Peter M. {s}aMkziptamahABArataM: The {m}ahABArata in a nutshell. Providence: The Sanskrit Library, 2022.


1 The one-chapter {m}ahABArata


Reading original selections from the great Indian epic {m}ahABArata 10 September – 12 November.

Week of Reading Assignment
10 September Narrative context The heading and verses 1–4
17 September The end of the context, and the beginning of the story Verses 5–8
24 September Harrasment of the {p}ARqavas by the sons of {D}ftarAzwra Verses 9–12
1 October The protection of the {p}ARqavas by {v}idura, and the fire-trap Verses 13–16
8 October Escape from the lac house, and the slaying of {h}iqimba Verses 17–20
15 October The slaying of {b}aka, and marriage to {d}OpadI Verses 21–24
22 October Establishment of their kingdom in {i}ndraprasTa Verses 25–28
29 October Further establishment of their kingdom and the travels of {a}rjuna Verses 29–32
5 November {a}rjuna's marriage to {s}uBadrA and companionship with {k}fzRa Verses 33–36
12 November Construction of their palace, defeat at the dice game, and sojourn in the forest Verses 37–40
19 November The war and conclusion Verses 41–43 and the trailer