Introductory Sanskrit I

  • US101.
  • This course aims to provide a linguistically rich study of the world's most fascinating language equivalent to a first semester university course. Exercises introduce the extensive literature, profound philosophy and rich mythology of ancient India which has and continues to influence over a quarter of the world’s population today. After introducing the Devanāgarī script and Sanskrit phonology, the course surveys the intricate and highly organized structure of the grammar with the aim of enabling a student to begin reading original materials in the second semester. Readings in the first semester are adapted from Sanskrit literature.
  • Instructor: Peter M. Scharf.
  • Schedule: 11 September – 23 December 2020.
  • Course meeting times: Tuesday and Friday 9:30-10:30am U.S. Central Time (IST 8:00-9:00pm/9pm-10:00pm after 1 November 2020 when CST changes to CDT).
  • Course fee: $2,500.
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  • Course materials: Scharf, Peter M. {S}abdabrahma: a first-year Sanskrit text. Providence: The Sanskrit Library, 2010.
Lecture Topic
1 Introduction: Sanskrit language and literature
2 Phonology (SikzA)
3 {d}evanAgarI script
4 Sandhi
5 Verbs
6 Nouns
7 Adjectives
8 The imperative and optative moods
9 Feminine I/U-stem nominals
10 Class 5, 8, and 9 present stem verbs
11 Short i/u-stem nominals
12 Class 2, 3, and 7 verbs and f-stem nominals
13 Consonant-stem nominals