Introductory Sanskrit Ia

  • US101a.
  • US101--102 aim to provide a linguistically rich study of the world's most fascinating language equivalent to a first-year university course. Exercises introduce the extensive literature, profound philosophy and rich mythology of ancient India which has and continues to influence over a quarter of the world’s population today. Live weekly meetings are supplemented by recorded lectures with slide presentations that introduce each topic. Homework exercises use a uniquely designed pleasant interactive Web-based platform that provides vocabulary and reference material at one's fingertips and immediate feedback thereby enriching the students knowledge with each item and eliminating doubt and frutstration.
    US101a is the first of four quarters of ten weeks each. This quarter presents a rich introducion to the Devanāgarī script and Sanskrit phonology, and introduces the intricate and highly organized structure of the grammar, including the present and imperfect tenses of verbs and the declension of a-stem nouns and adjectives. The quarter culminates in the reading of a short story.
  • Continued in US101b, US102a, and US102b
  • Instructor: Peter M. Scharf.
  • Schedule: 12 September – 19 November 2021.
  • Course meeting times: Sunday and Thursday 10:00-11:00am U.S. Central Time, or by arrangement with course participants.
  • Course fee: $1,500 per quarter. A discount of $200 is available for enrollment in two-quarters for $2,800. A discount of $1,000 is available for enrollment in all four-quarters for $5,000.
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  • Course materials: Scharf, Peter M. {S}abdabrahma: a first-year Sanskrit text. Providence: The Sanskrit Library, 2010.
Lecture Topic
1 Introduction: Sanskrit language and literature
2 Phonology (SikzA)
3 {d}evanAgarI script
4 Sandhi
5 Verbs
6 Nouns
7 Adjectives


Week of Reading Assignment
12 September 2021 Chapter 1: Introduction: Sanskrit language and literature Chapter 2: Phonology (SikzA) Exercises 2A–F
19 September 2021 Chapter 3: {d}evanAgarI script Exercises 3A–B Single consonants and vowels
16 September 2021 Exercises 3C–D Conjunct consonants
3 October 2021 Chapter 4: Sandhi Exercises 4A–C Vowel, visarga, and nasal sandhi
10 October 2021 Exercises 4D–F Stop sandhi, sandhi of familiar passages, and review
17 October 2021 Chapter 5: Verbs Exercises 5A–C Present verb identification and translation
24 October 2021 Exercises 5D–E Imperfect verb identification and translation
31 October 2021 Chapter 6: Nouns Exercises 6A–C Masculine and neuter nouns and pronouns in short sentences and connected sentence translation
7 November 2021 Chapter 7: Adjectives Drills and exercises 7A–B Feminine noun and pronoun translation
14 November 2021 Exercise 7C Narrative translation