{s}idDAntakOmudI {v}iBaktyarTaprakaraRa

  • US200.
  • The {s}idDAntakOmudI is a 16th CE commentary on the {a}zwADyAyI. It is widely used by beginners in the study of {p}ARinian grammar to understand rules in the {a}zwADyAyI. The {v}iBaktyarTa section is important from the point of view of learning the syntax and semantics of Sanskrit. This course presents reading of the {v}iBaktyarTa section of the {s}idDAntakOmudI (114 rules nos. 532–646). Rules are analyzed word by word and line by line, presenting the principles of the {p}ARinian tradition reflected in the commentary.
  • Prerequisite: US101–102 or equivalent introduction to Sanskrit, or CG20 Introduction to the {p}ARinian tradition, or CG21 {p}ARinian sanDi rules.
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  • Instructor: Tanuja P. Ajotikar.
  • Schedule: 8 June–20 August 2021.
  • Tuesday and Friday 3:30-4:30pm U.S. Central Time.
  • Course fee: $1,500.
  • Express interest.