Introduction to the {p}ARinian tradition

  • CG20.
  • This course offers an overview of the architecture of {p}ARini’s {a}zwADyAyI as well as an introduction to the whole Indian grammatical tradition. The {a}zwADyAyI, a fairly complete generative grammar of Sanskrit composed no later than the middle of the 4th century BCE, is considered one of the greatest works of human intelligence. The main aim of the course is to introduce the structure of the {a}zwADyAyI and richness of the Indian linguistic tradition to those who are not Sanskrit scholars but are curious to know about scientific literature in Sanskrit.
  • Instructor: Tanuja P. Ajotikar.
  • Schedule: 12 September – 14 November 2020.
  • Course meeting times: Saturday 9:30-10:30am U.S. Central Time (IST 8:00-9:00pm/9pm-10:00pm after 1 November 2020 when CST changes to CDT).
  • Course fee: $300.
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Lecture Topic
1 Introduction: {v}yAkaraRa as a {v}edANga, {p}ARini's history, history of the Indian grammatical tradition.
2 The structure of the {a}zwADyAyI.
3 The {m}AheSvarasUtras and pratyAharas.
4 Types of sUtras: saYjYA, pariBAzA, and viDi.
5 Types of sUtras: niyama, atideSa, and aDikAra.
6 Unfolding the meaning of the sUtras.
7 Step-wise derivation of nouns.
8 Step-wise derivation of verbs.
9 Study of the {a}zwADyAyI from the point of view of modern liguistics.
10 Formalization and computational implementation of {p}ARini's {a}zwADyAyI.