Understanding the Sanskrit theatre

  • CG40.
  • This course introduces certain core ideas of Sanskrit thetare with reference to {B}arata’s {n}AwyaSAstra. The course involves discussion as well as demonstration of the play {a}BijYAnaSAkuntala to explain how some theoretical concepts were brought into practice.
  • Instructor: Prasad R. Bhide.
  • Prerequisite: No.
  • Schedule: Saturday, 12 March – 14 May 2022.
  • Course meeting times: 9:30–10:30am U.S. Central Time; 9:00pm IST on 12 March, 8:00pm thereafter since the U.S. begins Daylight Savings Time 13 March.
  • Course fee: $300; ₹3,000 for residents of India.
  • Registration for non-Indian resident.
  • Registration for Indian resident.
Lecture Topic
1 The origin of nAwya and nAwyaSAstra
2 Serach for Vedic elements in nAwya
3 The concept of drama as nAwya, rUpa and rUpaka
4 {r}asavicAra with reference to the nAwya
5 {d}aSarUpaka: the classfication of theaterical performace
6 Major Sanskrit dramatists and their works
7 {p}aYcaprakfti: the art of crafting the script
8 Characters: {s}UtradhAra, nAyaka, nAyikA, vidUzaka
9 Elements: {n}Andi, prastAvanA, praveSaka and vizkamBaka
10 The enactment (prayoga): aBinaya, mudrA and patAka