{k}irAtArjunIya sarga 1

  • UP113.
  • The {k}irAtArjunIya by {B}Aravi is one of the Sanskrit {m}ahakAvyas. This great poem is a part of the traditional syllabus of learning Sanskrit. Applying the traditional methods to learn a text is important to gain independence in reading and understanding Sanskrit. So herewith we propose a course reading the first canto of the {k}irAtArjunIya thoroughly with sandi analysis, verbal conjugation, nominal declension, identificaiton of {s}amAsas, indentification of voice, changing the voice (vAcyaviparivartana), anvaya of the verse and provision of Sanskrit synonyms for each word in the verse.
  • Course materials:
    The {k}irAtArjunIya of {B}Aravi with the commentary {G}aRwApaTa of {m}allinATa and various readings, ed. by Pandit Durgaprasad and Kashinath Pandurang Parab. Third revised edition. Bombay: Nirnaysagar Press, 1895.
  • Instructor: Tanuja P. Ajotikar.
  • Prerequisite: US101–102 or equivalent introduction to Sanskrit.
  • Schedule: To be announced.
  • Course fee: $1,500
  • Express interest.
Week Topic
1 Verse 1: dissolving sandhi, pada analysis, identification of the verb
2 ientification of voice, kAraka analysis of the verse, samAsa analysis of the verse, anvaya, change of voice
3 Cojugating the verb used in the verse in 10 moods and tenses accrding to pARinian method and declension of nouns in the verse
4 Verses 2--4
5 Verses 5--7
6 Verses 8--11
7 Verses 12--15
8 Verses 16--20
9 Verses 21--25
10 Verses 26--30
11 Verses 31--35
12 Verses 36--40
13 Verses 40--46
14 Review
15 Exam