Unfolding the secrets of {A}yurveda
learning Sanskrit with the {a}zwANgahfdaya

  • US103.
  • This course offers students the opportunity to learn Sanskrit specifically to read {A}yurveda texts in Sanskrit. It starts with training basic pronunciation of Sanskrit sounds, and proceeds in sequence to teach nominal declension, verbal conjugation, sanDi and kAraka so that students can identify forms in the verse, dissolve sandhi and construe the verse. The course aims to make students independent in understanding the basic Sanskrit texts of {A}yurveda. The text selected for this course is the {a}zwANgahfdaya.
  • Instructor: Tanuja P. Ajotikar.
  • Schedule: To be announced.
  • Course fee: $1,500.
  • Express interest.
Topic no. Class Topic
1 1–5 Reading and pronunciation: developing ease in reading {A}yurveda texts in Sanskrit.
2 6–15 Nominal declension: the fundamental tool for understanding nouns and adjectives that will ultimately help understand plant, disease, and remedy names.
3 16–25 Verbal conjugation: fundamental knowledge to understand the construction of a sentence.
4 26–35 Sandhi: unfolding word boundaries.
5 36–45 kAraka: developing the ability to understand and translate texts independently.