{D}AtupAWa: The {m}ADavIyaDAtuvftti

  • US310.
  • Students are introduced to the structure and content of the {p}ARinian {D}AtupAWa and study the beginning of the {m}ADavIyaDAtuvftti with detailed exploration of the sUtras of the {a}zwADyAyI cited in the derivation of the speech forms mentioned in it with the {k}ASikA and other commentaries on them.
  • Instructor: Peter M. Scharf.
  • Prerequisite: advanced Sanskrit, a thorough introduction to {p}ARinian grammar, and permission of the instructor. Prospective students are advised to contact the instructor before registering by email to: info@sanskritlibrary.org
  • Schedule: 12 September – 19 December 2022.
  • Course meeting times: Monday 10:00-12:00am U.S. Central Time.
  • Course fee: $3,000.
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  • Course materials:
    • Shastri, Dwarikadas, ed. 1983. The Mādhavīyā Dhātuvṛtti [A treatise on Sanskrit roots based on the Dhātupāṭha of Pāṇini] by Sāyaṇācārya. 2nd. ed. Kamachha, Varanasi: Tara Book Agency.
    • स्वामी द्वारिकादासशास्त्री सम्पादकः । १९८३ । श्रीसायणाचार्यविरचिता माधवीया धातुवृत्तिः [पाणिनीयधातुपाठव्याख्यानात्मिका]. वाराणसी--तारा बुक ऐजेंसी ।


1 Introduction to the structure of the {D}AtupAWa
2 The root {B}U and its meanings
2 The meaning of verbal roots
2 The meaning of speech forms in general
2 The divisions of time
2 The identification of markers and their deletion
2 The derivation of verbal forms
2 The derivates of the root {B}U


Reading the beginning of the {m}ADavIyaDAtuvftti: the commentary on the root BU 12 September – 19 December.