Concepts of the self in classical Indian philosophy

  • CG50.
  • This course consider concepts of self in the early writings of the upanizads, in the Buddhist canon, and in the systematic analyses of the {y}ogasUtras and {b}rahmasUtras.
  • Instructor: Peter M. Scharf.
  • Schedule: To be announced.
  • Course fee: $500.
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Lecture Topic
1 The materialist opinion of the self.
2 The {b}fhadAraRyaka {u}panizad and the {C}Andogya {u}panizad.
3 The {t}EttirIya {u}panizad and the {k}OzItaki {u}panizad.
4 The {k}ena {u}panizad and the {m}ARqUkya {u}panizad.
5 Early Buddhist philosophy of mind and the person: the story of King Milinda.
6 {s}ANKya and {y}oga ontology.
7 {y}oga: culturing self-sufficiency.
8 {S}aNkara's commentary on the {b}rahmasUtras.
9 Concepts of the self in {y}oga and {v}edAnta
10 How many selves are there: many, one, or none?