Pali Reading Workshop: Milindapañha “The Questions of King Milinda”

  • UL111.
  • The Milindapañha ‘Questions of King Milinda’ is one of the most celebrated Pali texts. It contains the dialogue between the Bactrian (Indo-Greek) king Milinda (Menander) and the Buddhist monk Nāgasena. Respected as a canonical or para-canonical text by all Buddhist traditions in the world, the Milindapañha represents one of the most brilliant philosophical dialogues of India. In this workshop we will read the first part of the Pali text, comprising the Pubbayoga ‘Story about the past’, the Lakkhaṇapañho ‘Questions on Characteristics’ and the Vimatipañho ‘Questions on doubts’, altogether ninety pages of the Pali Text Society edition by V. Trenckner. In our readings we will discuss grammatical points of the text as well as philosophical issues. Students will be requested to read in turns during the reading sessions.
  • Instructor: Aleix Ruiz Falqués.
  • Prerequisite: Intermediate level of Pali, or good knowledge of Sanskrit or Prakrit.
  • Schedule: 21 June–26 August 2021.
  • Course meeting times: Monday and Thursday 9:00–10:30am U.S. Central Time.
  • Course fee: $2,000.
  • Express interest.
  • Course materials: Materials will be provided by the instructor at the beginning of the course.


No. Reading
1 Pubbayoga ‘Story about the past’
2 Lakkhaṇapañho ‘Questions on Characteristics’
3 Vimatipañho ‘Questions on doubts’